An Eco-Friendly Easter Craft

Impress your guests this Easter with an eggceptional craft that transforms natural materials into the perfect centrepiece for your festive table. This craft celebrates Easter in harmony with nature, by crafting a delightful centerpiece that is eco-friendly, it brings a touch of springtime joy to your home and also allows you to use locally sourced eggs and seasonal blooms, you can create an imaginative display that embodies sustainability and creativity.

Let your artistic flair bloom as you plant spring bulbs into delicate egg shells, we eggspecially love this craft because you can plant your centrepiece straight into your garden (just be mindful of the glue you use for this). Embrace the spirit of renewal and growth this Easter with a heartfelt craft that brings the joy of the season straight to your table in a decorative and edible way. You can save the contents of the egg for Easter bakes, such as carrot cakes and veggie packed quiches!
You will need:
- A pin or sewing needle

- 10-12 eggs
- Vinegar
- 1 cotton pad
- Spring bulbs of your choice!
- A tray to empty excess soil into
- A teaspoon
- Liquid glue (choose natural if you want to plant your craft afterwards)
- Small sized plate
- Keep your egg box to hold your creation secure and upright!

How to create your floral Easter centrepiece

1. Take a sewing needle and carefully pierce a hole in the top of your egg
2. You want to delicately break small pieces of the shell away until you're left with a hole that the contents of the egg can escape through
3. Pour the contents of your egg into a bowl so you can cook with them later
4. Soak your cotton pad in vinegar and lightly rub all of the markings off your eggs
5. Next take your small spring bulbs and unpot them all into a tray, saving the soil!
6. Take your egg and break any small pieces of the shell away to ensure the hole is now big enough for your bulb to comfortably sit in the shell (now you have a rough guide for how wide the hole needs to be, this would be a good time to empty the rest of your eggs if you haven't already)
7. Now your bulb is in place, secure it by using your tea spoon to pour soil into the egg shell, surrounding the bulb in its new home, you want to fill it close enough to the top
8. Repeat this filling process for the rest of your eggs and use your egg box to keep them upright and secure, spray them with a little bit of water to keep them healthy
9. Once all of your blooms are ready, take your plate out as your circular guide and begin to create your centrepiece! Start with two eggs that you glue together, side by side and build from there!
Tip: It is best to rub the markings off of your eggs before emptying all of them out so that they are less fragile!

The final steps should look something like this...

Eggstra Ideas!
  • Glue dried petals or old petals to your shells
  • Paint beautiful patterns onto your shells! Great as an easter activity with little ones
  • Dye your eggs different colours! You can do this by soaking them in water that has 2 spoons of vinegar and a few drops of food dye in, for 5 minutes