Discover the 5 best long weekend bags from Fable England

Join us in today’s article, where we discover not just simple bags, but also pieces of elegance that reinvent the spirit of travel.
Get ready to explore with us the 5 best long weekend bags designed with expertise and love by our designers in Fable England.
It's time to elevate your travel experience with the greatest, most unique and very practical long weekend bags available here!
What is so unique about Fable England's collection?
Before we dive into our top picks, let us familiarise you a bit more with our company.
What makes us so special within this industry is our rich history and the commitment to quality. Fable England has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and stylish designs from great designers. In this particular case our collection of long weekend bags reflects this ethos and vision.
Here are 5 of the best and most special long weekend bags that we offer:


Explore the epitome of travel sophistication and cleverness with this weekender bag companion. Adorned with a delicate botanical pumpkin design, this bag is not just a travel essential. It's a style statement!
Travel in quilted elegance:
You will feel the luxury right away in every stitch as the quilted fabric embraces your belongings with grace. The already very unique ivory hue adds a touch of timeless elegance, making it a versatile choice for any travel destination.
Botanical charm:
Immerse yourself in the peculiar world of botanical pumpkins delicately woven into the qualitative fabric. This unique design sets your weekender apart, creating a conversation starter wherever your journey takes you. Oh, you will be flattered, that is for sure!
Why should you consider this bag?
Because, style meets practicality: A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.
It’s spacious yet chic: Multiple pockets for an organised travel without compromising on style.
And finally it’s easy to carry: Dual handles and a shoulder strap for your convenience.
You can now own your Botanical beauty
Embrace botanical elegance with the Botanical Pumpkin Ivory Quilted Weekender Bag. Visit our website now to make this beauty yours and redefine your journey in style with the best price ever!
With this fascinating black beauty, you'll be transported to a world of elegant travel. Yes, once again it is the Botanical Pumpkin series but in a mesmerising black colour and unique design.
Enjoy the refinement of quilted fabric in deep black for timeless elegance. This weekender is more than simply a travel buddy. It's your stylish ticket to wherever your wanderlust leads you.
This bag features an amazing floral pumpkin pattern, incorporating nature into your travel style. Carry a bit of floral charm with you on your trips.
Why should you choose this bag?
Hm, it seems that you were not convinced up until now. So, get some more reasons
 It’s chic and versatile: This black canvas enhances every ensemble.
It’s effortlessly stylish: This eye-catching design will elevate your trip aesthetics.
And finally, it has a practical design: Multiple compartments for organised packing.
Another great pick of ours that we want to show you is the Zoey Weekend Bag, a masterwork in blooming blue, that exudes colourful vitality. It represents flair, independence, and that you can have the trip of a lifetime.
Blooms of blue brilliance:
Picture yourself strolling through fields of vivid blooms, and you've captured the essence of blooming blue actually. This bag is your ticket to carrying that gushing spirit with you wherever you go.
Botanical beauty in blue:
With a design that dances with botanical charm, this weekend bag is more than an accessory; it's a work of art. Let the Blooming Blue pattern tell your story with every step.
What makes this bag unique?
It has been crafted from recycled quilted cotton and it has our print of delicate blooms set among trailing vines in soothing blue tones.
The splash of joy: Infuse your travels with the vivacity of this blue.
Spacious marvel: A weekend bag that's as roomy as it is stylish.
You can go anywhere and do anything: Dual handles and an adjustable strap for easy, breezy adventures.
Embark on an enchanting adventure with our Night's Tale Woodland mini backpack in the beautiful colour of crystal grey. This is more than simply a backpack. It's a whisper of wood magic, a piece that tells a narrative with each stride.
This small rucksack is your ticket to an enchanted woodland, transporting the charm of moonlight evenings wherever you go.
What makes this bag special?
It’s colour, the grey magic: Unleash the sophistication of this colour, a shade that complements any adventure.
Compact marvel: Small in size, big in style. The perfect companion for your nocturnal escapades.
Charm in every detail: From the woodland-themed zippers to the whimsical straps, it's the little details that make a big impact.
The Catherine Rowe x Fable Into the Woods Green Backpack combines fashion and nature. This is a collective creation that elevates the magic of the woods to the level of elegance.
The Into the Woods Green Backpack has enchanting green hues that transport you to an untamed wilderness. This bag is not simply an accessory. It's a visual voyage into the core of nature's splendour.
The forest Magic in Green backpack has Catherine Rowe's creative touch and depicts forest delights. Allow the complex design to take you to a fanciful realm where fashion meets the raw beauty of the woods.
What Makes Into the Woods Green Unique?
Catherine Rowe, our guest artist, has added her enchantment to our work with her fairytale print Into The Woods, which she produced only for us.
This big backpack is made of robust nylon and is important for keeping your valuables secure on a harvest moon walk or a frightening corn maze trip!
Take advantage of the green elegance: Dive into the rich, enchanting greens that make a style statement like no other.
And it’s practical prowess: Beyond its artistic charm, this backpack is designed for your modern, on-the-go lifestyle.
Comparison Table for our top 5 Long Weekend Bags
Name Catherine Rowe Into The Woods Green Backpack A Night's Tale Mini Backpack Zoey Weekend Bag Pumpkin Black Weekend Bag Pumpkin Ivory Weekend
Crystal Grey
Blue & White
Special Features
Adjustable Straps, Front Zip Pocket
Adjustable Straps, Front Zip Pocket
Spacious Interior, Zip Closure
Multiple Compartments, Adjustable Strap
Spacious Interior, Adjustable Strap
Everyday Use, Casual Outings, one-day trip
Everyday Use, Fashion Statement, One-day trip
Weekend Trips, Stylish Travel
Versatile Travel, Business Trips
Luxurious Travel, Weekend Getaways


Each bag tells a narrative, blending elegance and functionality in a manner that only Fable England can.
When you begin on your next trip, remember to do it with the beauty and grace that Fable England gives to each design.
Are you ready to elevate your travel style?
Visit Fable England's website today to see our unique catalogue of long weekend bags.