A guide on how to clean a tote bag and to organise it correctly

In today's article, we are diving into the technique of keeping your beloved tote bags clean and in tip-top shape.
As you know, a tote bag isn't just a carrier. It's a fashion style statement, a travel buddy, and sometimes, a little piece of home away from home.
Let's ensure they get the love and care they deserve!
Cleaning a Tote Bag - All the necessary steps
Which are the materials needed?
Before heading to clean your tote bag you have to gather the following materials in order to get the job done correctly.
  1. Soft cloth or microfiber towel
  2. Gentle detergent or soap
  3. Lukewarm water
  4. Soft-bristled brush
  5. The below step-by-step cleaning process
Then, you have to empty your bag
It might seem obvious but you never know, we need to clarify it!
  1. Start by taking everything out of your tote. Yes, even that old receipt from last month's coffee run.
  2. Give it a good, gentle shake. Think of it like helping your bag let its hair down after a long day.
Then, proceed to surface cleaning
  1. Mix a little soap with lukewarm water. Remember, 'gentle' is the right word here – both for the soap and your approach.
  2. Dip your cloth in the soapy water and wring it out. You’re aiming for damp, not dripping.
  3. Wipe down both the inside and outside. Be thorough but gentle, like you're petting a fluffy kitten.
Following by deep cleaning
  1. Got a tough stain? Time for the soft-bristled brush. Lightly work on the stain in a circular motion.
  2. Rinse the area with a clean, slightly damp cloth to remove soap residue.
And finally, the drying process
  1. Pat the tote with a dry towel to remove excess moisture.
  2. Let it air dry, but keep it away from direct sunlight. Sunbathing is great, but not for your tote.
How to organise the tote bags in the right way
Check out the simple, yet effective steps and you will never need to read again!
1. Choose the right storage space for your needs
Your tote deserves a clean, dry, and airy spot. Think of it as its personal spa retreat.
●     Purpose of the bag: Determine what you intend to use the bag for. A business bag may need to accommodate a laptop and paperwork, whilst a shopping bag may require more free space.
●     Size of items you carry: Consider the size of the goods you usually carry. If you carry heavier stuff, such as books or a laptop, you'll need a larger bag with plenty of space.
●     Organisational needs: If you want to keep goods organised and easily accessible, opt for a bag with many sections, pockets, and maybe a key holder.
2. Organise them by use and frequency
Place the bags you grab most often at the front. Less-used ones can take a backseat, but don’t forget about them.
Prioritise durability and usefulness while purchasing a bag for daily usage. A bag worn occasionally might prioritise appearance above storage.
3. How to maintain their shape and quality
Fill them with soft materials like old scarves or bubble wrap to maintain their shape. It's like a comfy pillow for your tote.
●     Make your bag waterproof: If your tote isn't already waterproof, use a waterproofing spray, especially on canvas or cotton totes. This will help keep it safe from rain and spills.
●     Rotate your bags: Don't use the same tote bag every day. Rotating between bags can assist to reduce premature wear and strain.
●     Avoid overloading them: Do not overfill your tote bag. Heavy things might strain the straps and deform the bag's shape.
●     Always handle your tote bag with clean hands to avoid introducing dirt and oils to the fabric.
With these simple steps, your Fable England tote bags will not only last longer but will also continue to turn heads and spark conversations.
Remember, a well-cared-for tote bag is a happy tote bag.
Now, go show those totes some love!