Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Love in Every Design by Fable England

February 14th is closer than ever and love is in the air!
You have to be prepared and buy the products you like for your significant other, your star lady with our carefully picked collection of Valentine's Day gifts for her. Each design from Fable England is infused with the magic of romance.
From classic elegance to modern charm, we have gathered gifts that communicate the language of love.
Let us be your cupid for this Valentine's Day!
The magic of love designs
At Fable England, we believe that every piece shares a unique story. Our "Love in every design" theme goes beyond aesthetics, capturing the very essence of romance.
Each product is crafted with special attention to detail, ensuring that the spirit of love is embedded in every single stitch and material.
Crafting your own love story
Make this Valentine's Day truly special by adding a personal touch to your chosen design.
We offer options for customization, allowing you to craft a gift that is uniquely hers. Express your love in a way that echoes with your shared experiences and memories.
Check out all of our recommendations here:


1. Enamel robin necklace: A symbol of love and devotion
The Enamel Robin Necklace from Fable England is more than simply a piece of jewellery. It represents love and dedication, reflecting robins' attachment to their companions.
This necklace, designed with amazing detail, showcases a tiny robin with brilliant colours brought to life by high-quality enamel. Ideal for a woman who values nature's beauty and the depth of a passionate gesture.
2. Dusky Pink A Night's Tale headband: Elegance and grace
The Dusky Pink A Night's Tale Headband is an excellent option for a woman who enjoys adding a touch of refinement to her look. Its elaborate design, with a gentle flowery pattern, is both trendy and elegant.
This headband is more than simply a fashion statement. It pays tribute to nature's gentle beauty, making it an ideal present for a lady who appreciates both style and substance.
3. Aurora silk pillowcase and folksy fox sleep mask
Choose the Aurora Silk Pillowcase with Folksy Fox Sleep Mask for a comfortable and luxurious experience. These things guarantee a relaxing sleep with style.
The silk pillowcase, embellished with a delightful folksy fox motif, is not only beautiful but also very beneficial to the skin and hair.
When paired with the matching sleep mask, it provides a night of undisturbed beauty sleep.
4. Enamel robin bangle and brooch
The Enamel Robin Bangle and Brooch are classic and elegant. These items are ideal for the lady who values traditional beauty with a contemporary touch.
They have the same magnificent robin pattern as the necklace. Whether worn alone or as a pair, they will make a statement and act as a reminder of your unwavering love.
5. Handcrafted vegan leather goods
Fable England's handcrafted leather goods, such as wallets or handbags, make for stylish and practical gifts.
Choose a design that suits her taste, and consider adding a personalised touch, like her initials or a special date.
6. Limited edition prints
Explore Fable England's collection of limited edition prints featuring romantic and unique artwork. You can even find printed designs in our tarot collection. If she likes tarot, she will appreciate this movement!
A framed print can be a beautiful addition to her home, serving as a constant reminder of your love.
Remember, personalising the gift based on her preferences and tastes will add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your Valentine's Day surprise.
Are you ready to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable? Explore our collection now!